This is an old-fashioned rich conserve which will only appeal to those who have no objection to intoxicants. To start a jar of this delectable conserve take first one half cup of pure alcohol or the best brandy, place this in a two-quart glass fruit jar and add the first fruits of the season. It is best to begin early in the year. Add in succession some of every kind of fruit as it comes on the market. Always take an equal amount of sugar to every portion of fruit that is used. Pineapples should be cut into small strips or squares; when using oranges scoop out the firm pulp without seeds or skin. Berries of every kind, stoned cherries, plums, peaches, and pears are most desirable. Bananas are not to be used, as they discolor, and seedy or very small berries are least to be desired. Remember always to add to the fruit the same amount of sugar, and be careful that the fruit jar is kept tightly closed. Every few days reverse the jar or stir contents carefully with a silver fork. As the season advances the juices mingling with the alcohol form a rich sirup, and by the time the mass has ripened, say by Thanksgiving, there is no taste of alcohol and the conserve is ready to use. Served as a relish with cold meat or as an addition to fruit punch or salad, only a very little will be needed to add zest to a meal.