(This eliminates most of the seeds, and ripe fruit can be used to advantage)

Proportions. Six cups of gooseberries ; three cups of water; sugar as needed.

Method. Stem and clip blossoms, place berries and water in kettle, and cook until berries are soft and broken. Pour into colander and shake, in order to let 6eeds and juice run through. Strain the juice through fine sieve. This retains the seeds, of which there is often nearly a cup in this quantity of berries; their extraction greatly improves the jam. Add juice to hulls, measure, and to every five cups of fruit use four cups of sugar. Boil fruit ten minutes, add half of the sugar, boil fifteen minutes; then add rest of sugar and boil until clear and stiff when tested on a saucer. Put in scalded glasses; let stand at least one day, then seal.