Red Raspberry Jam

Proportions. Five cups of fruit; four cups of sugar.

Method. As raspberries do not jelly well, it is best to use no water. Sprinkle half of the sugar over the fruit, let stand several hours, then boil gently for about fifteen minutes. Add rest of sugar and cook until clear and congealed when tested. Seal as other jam.

Red And Black Raspberry Jam No. 1

Method. Use proportions given for Red Raspberry Jam. The addition of one third of currants provides another combination.

Red And Black Raspberry Jam No. 2

Proportions. Four cups of currants; two cups of red raspberries; four cups of sugar; one quarter cup of water.

Method. Boil currants and water a few minutes, add the raspberries, and boil ten minutes. Add half of the sugar and cook ten minutes, then add rest of sugar and cook until it is clear and will jelly when tested on saucer. Seal as other jam.

Black Raspberry And Currant Jam

Method. Use same method and proportion as given for red raspberries and currants.