Currant Jam

Proportions. Six cups of stemmed currants; one half cup of water; five cups of sugar.

Method. Simmer water and currants for ten minutes. Add half of the sugar and boil ten minutes longer, then add rest of sugar. As soon as well dissolved, test by placing a little in a saucer. As soon as it is clear and thick enough to congeal when cool, it is ready to put into glasses.

Spiced Currant Jam

Method. Use above recipe. When adding last half of sugar, use also one tablespoon of ground cloves, one of vinegar, and two of ground cinnamon, or add a spice bag throughout the proceeding and remove it when done.

Spiced Black Raspberry And Currant Jam

Method. Use proportions given for currant jam, taking one third black raspberries to two thirds currants; then spice as directed for currant jam.