In making the green relish, use two quarts of chopped green tomatoes, two quarts of finely chopped green cabbage, one quart of chopped cucumbers, one quart of sweet green peppers, chopped, and a few white radishes, chopped. Place the vegetables in a stone jar, and pour over them enough cold water to cover, to which has been added one cupful of salt. Let stand overnight, and the next day drain off the salty water. Put three quarts of vinegar in a porcelain-lined kettle, add three cupfuls of sugar, and little bags of cheese-cloth containing the following spices: one ounce each of allspice, cloves, mace, pepper, mustard and celery seed, or if preferred mixed spices can be used. Put in the vegetables, and boil until tender; if there is not enough vinegar to cover the vegetables add a little more, also a little salt if it is not salty enough. Put into jars and seal.