The white relish is made by using one gallon of the inner white leaves of cabbage chopped quite fine, one quart of white celery, chopped into bits, one quart of white, stringless pod beans out into bits, and one quart of chopped silver-skinned onions. Sprinkle all the vegetables except the onions with salt, using about a cupful; cover with cold water, and let stand overnight. In the morning drain off the cold water, place the vegetables in a kettle, adding the chopped onions, one cupful of grated horseradish, one ounce of celery seed, one ounce of white mustard seed, three cupfuls of granulated sugar, and a little white ginger root. Cover with good, clear vinegar, and cook until the vegetables are tender; then put into jars and seal. A little more salt may be added before jars are sealed.