Leaves and flowers are a little more difficult to candy, as they cannot stand much handling. I use a pound of sugar to each pint of leaves, and just enough water to dissolve it. The leaves are laid out singly on platters or tins. The sugar is boiled to the soft-ball stage; then with a spoon the syrup is dipped over the leaves, which are allowed to stand overnight. The syrup is then drained from the leaves by placing them on a sieve. The syrup is boiled to the candy stage, then dipped over the leaves as before, and again let stand for several hours. If by that time crystals are not formed over the leaves this is repeated once more; then let stand until dry, which may be hastened by placing them in the hot sun for a while. Place the leaves in single rows between sheets of waxed paper, and pack in boxes. The flowers may be candied in the same manner.