How To Make Peach And Rhubarb Jelly

White peaches are best for jelly. Rub the fuzz from the peaches, and place in a preserving kettle. Use just enough water to start the juice to flowing, and simmer until tender. Crush with a wooden spoon, and fill into jelly bag, and let drain into vessel. To each pint of juice add one cupful of rhubarb juice, and allow three-fourths of a pound of sugar to each pint of juice. Proceed in the usual manner.

How To Make Pineapple And Apple Jelly

In making pineapple jelly the eyes and cores may be used. Cut the pineapple up into bits, and add enough water to nearly cover, and cook until tender. To each pint of the pineapple juice add one cupful of apple juice, and one pound of sugar. Proceed as in making other jelly.

How To Make Spiced Grape Jelly

Use green grapes or partly green grapes for this. Add to the grapes some stick cinnamon, a few cloves and bits of mace, and about an ounce of each to each six pounds of grapes. Boil until the juice flows freely. Drain off the juice. Add three-fourths of a pound of sugar to each pint of the spiced juice, and proceed as in making other jelly. This is good to serve with meats.

How To Make Pineapple And Orange Jelly

To each cupful of pineapple juice add a cupful of orange juice, and the juice of one lemon, and a bit of the rind. Boil for fifteen or twenty minutes, add the hot sugar, using a pound to each pint of juice; boil to the consistency of jelly, and fill jars.

How To Make Elderberry Jelly

Elderberries make excellent jelly when combined with Siberian crabs or with green grapes, or a little rhubarb or lemon juice. When used for jelly, elderberries should be red and not black. Blueberries should also be used for jelly before entirely ripe. If ripe, add about one-third rhubarb or green-grape juice to add to its flavor, and make it jelly nicely. Lemon juice may also be used.

How To Make Peach And Pineapple Jelly

Use equal quantities of peach and pineapple juice, and to each pint of juice add the juice of one lemon and one pound of sugar. Boil to the consistency of jelly, and fill glasses or jars.

How To Make Blackberry Jelly And Jam

Blackberries make a delicious jam by themselves, and are good combined with rhubarb, using three parts of the berries and two parts rhubarb. Blackberry jelly is much improved by adding a little rhubarb juice, not more than one part of rhubarb juice to two or three parts of blackberries. In making blackberry jam, press nice, ripe berries through a sieve, and then measure the pulp, and to each pint of pulp add one pound of sugar unless the berries are the very sweet ones-then do not use so much sugar.

How To Make Gooseberry And Huckleberry Jam

To each three quarts of gooseberries add one quart of huckleberries and four pounds of sugar. Boil the berries together until tender, then add the sugar. Boil to the right consistency for jam, and fill into jars, and seal. Gooseberries and red raspberries also make an excellent combination in jam.

How To Make Crab-Apple and Grape Jam

Cut half a peck of well-washed crab-apples into halves. Use the deep red ones. Place them in a kettle with three cups of water, and stew slowly until the fruit is soft, then pass through a sieve. Stew the same amount of red grapes until soft, and pass these through a sieve. Combine the pulps of the fruits. Allow one pound of sugar to each pint of pulp. Cook to the required consistency, stirring constantly. This will make a delicious red jam of fine flavor.