Put the gloves on. Have in a saucer some gasolene and wash your gloved hands in this, after which take a clean flannel rag and wipe and rub the gloves, taking care not to do this near a fire or burning gas. When quite dry, take off and pin to the curtain or where a current of air may strike them and cause the gasolene to evaporate quickly. This answers for white glace gloves, but white sue`de are better cleansed by a professional cleaner. Pipe-clay and an old toothbrush are commonly used, and white cloth used on uniforms is cleansed in the same fashion. The clay is applied dry, then moistened and rubbed vigorously with the toothbrush. It may at first look unsightly, and you may think the goods is ruined. But rinse the brush and scour the cloth with clean water, dry, and it will look fresh as when newly bought.