Brussels Sprouts Au Gratin

Remove any wilted outer leaves. Then boil a quart of Brussels sprouts. Add a pint of White Sauce No. 1; mix well, and pour into a buttered baking dish. Bestrew with 3/4 cupful buttered crumbs, mixed with 4 tablespoon-fuls of grated cheese, and brown in a quick oven.

Brussels Sprouts With Chestnuts

1 pint boiled Brussels sprouts

1 pint blanched chestnuts


Salt and pepper

1/2 teaspoonful onion juice Brown soup stock - about 1 1/2 cupfuls

Boil the chestnuts for five minutes, and remove the shells and inner skins. This is called blanching. Butter a baking dish, put in a layer of the sprouts, then one of chestnuts cut in pieces; dust on it a little salt, pepper and flour, and continue in this way until all is used. Pour over the stock, which should be well-seasoned, and to which should be added the onion juice. Cover and cook for half an hour in a moderate oven.

Browned Chestnuts

Blanch the chestnuts, as described in the recipe for Brussels Sprouts with Chestnuts. Cut them in pieces, saute (fry) them lightly in a little butter, and for each two cupfuls of halved chestnuts allow 1 1/2 cupfuls of brown sauce. Simmer together gently, until the chestnuts are perfectly tender.

Browned Chestnuts with Mushrooms Prepare the mixture as described in the recipe for

Browned Chestnuts, substituting a cupful of boiled and quartered mushrooms, or canned mushrooms, for one cupful of the chestnuts.