Radish Roses Or Tulips

Round radishes may be cut to imitate tulips; to do this begin at the root end and make five petal-like incisions through the skin running three-quarters length of the radish. Slip the knife under these sections and cut down as far as the incisions extend. Cut a small slice off the top of each radish. Place in cold water for one to two hours, and the sections of skin will fold open, leaving the white center, suggesting a tulip in appearance. Always leave on one or two tiny radish leaves to act as handles.

Creamed Radishes

Red or white radishes may be used. If red radishes are used, wash them, leave them whole and cook in salted water until tender. If white ones are used, scrape them well, cut them in dice and cook in the same manner. To 2 cupfuls of cooked radishes add three-fourths cupful of White Sauce No. 2, and re-heat.