Creamed Lettuce

Select a fine large head of lettuce. Wash carefully without separating the leaves from the heart, then cut off the root, just below the white pith. Divide the lettuce into six sections, add a little salt and steam until tender, about fifteen minutes. Serve each portion on toast covered with White Sauce No. 2.

Wirted Lettuce

3 heads of lettuce

3 tablespoonfuls vinegar

4 drops Worcestershire sauce

1/2 pound sliced raw ham Few grains paprika

Remove the tough outer leaves of the lettuce; cut off the root, leaving enough to hold the leaves together; cut each head in half and wash thoroughly. Place in a pan and scald with hot water, removing at once. In the meantime, fry the ham and cut into bits; drain off the fat which should be 4 tablespoonfuls. Mix with the vinegar and seasonings, add to the meat, and pour over the lettuce. Let stand in a warm place to become well-seasoned and serve.

Plain Spinach

1 peck spinach

2 tablespoonfuls butter 1 hard-cooked egg

1/8 teaspoonful pepper 1/8 teaspoonful nutmeg Salt to taste

Remove the roots from the spinach. Wash the leaves in four changes of tepid water, then scald with very hot water. This sifts any remaining grit to the bottom of the pan. Place in a kettle with 1/2 tablespoonful of salt and cook till tender in its own juice, lifting occasionally to prevent burning. Drain, add the seasonings and chop fine. Re-heat; arrange in a serving dish, and garnish with hard-cooked egg to represent a daisy. Reserve any possible juice for the stock-pot, or towards a cream soup.

Creamed Spinach

3 cupfuls chopped cooked spinach Few grains nutmeg

1 1/2 cupfuls White Sauce No. 2

Combine the spinach, sauce and nutmeg, and re-heat.