Drop Olive Oil Cookies

Substitute olive oil for the drippings in the preceding recipe, and proceed as directed.

Dropped Peanut Cookies

6 tablespoonfuls butter or oleomargarine

3/4 cupful sugar

2 egg yolks

3 tablespoonfuls milk

1 1/2 cupfuls pastry flour 2 teaspoonfuls baking powder 1/4 teaspoonful salt 1 1/4 cupfuls chopped peanuts

Cream the butter, add the sugar, the egg yolks, well-beaten, and the milk. Mix the flour, salt and baking powder together and beat into the mixture. Add the peanuts and drop by teaspoonfuls onto a well-oiled pan, three inches apart. Place a whole nut in the center of each, and bake in a moderate oven.

Dropped Nut Cookies

Dropped Nut Cookies.

Whole Wheat Cookies

2 cupfuls whole wheat flour

2 cupfuls pastry flour

1/2 cupful sugar

1/2 cupful hot water

1 teaspoonful salt 1/4 teaspoonful soda 4 tablespoonfuls butter or oleomargarine

Mix together the flours, sugar and salt. Melt the butter in hot water, add the soda and beat the flour mixture into this, until it is thick enough to be handled. Roll out as thinly as possible; shape with a cutter, and bake in a slow oven.

Scotch Nut Cookies

1 cupful butter, or

3/4 cupful drippings or lard

1 cupful sugar

2 egg yolks, well-beaten 1/4 cupful milk

1 cupful raisins

1/2 cupful chopped nuts (any kind) 2 egg whites 2 cupfuls rolled oats 2 cupfuls pastry flour 1 teaspoonful soda 1/2 teaspoonful salt

Cream the shortening, beat in the sugar, the egg yolks and the milk. Flour the raisins and nuts, stir them in, add the egg whites, beaten dry, and the rolled oats. Mix and sift the soda with the flour, add to the mixture and roll into a thin sheet. Cut into shapes, and bake in a moderate oven.

Bran Cookies

1/2 cupful beef drippings

1 cupful sugar

2 eggs

1/4 cupful sour milk

2 cupfuls bran

2 cupfuls pastry flour

1/2 teaspoonful salt 1 teaspoonful soda 1 cupful raisins or dates quartered or cocoanut 1 teaspoonful orange extract

Cream the drippings, beat in the sugar, eggs and extract and add the milk. Mix the raisins with the flour and add the soda. Beat this into the mixture, add the bran, roll out into a thin sheet, cut in squares and bake. The raisins may be omitted if desired.

Old-Time Seed Cookies

6 tablespoonfuls butter 1 egg

1 cupful sifted confectioner's sugar

3 tablespoonfuls caraway

(seed) 1/2 teaspoonful rose extract 3/4 cupful pastry flour

Cream together the butter, sugar and eggs. Add the flavoring and caraway seed, and beat in the flour. Drop by teaspoonfuls on an oiled pan two inches apart, and bake in a moderate oven until the edges are brown. It is a good plan to sprinkle the cakes with a few caraway seeds just before baking. Remove from the pan immediately, when taken from oven.

Plain Sugar Cookies

1/4 cupful butter

1/4 cupful lard

1 cupful sugar

4 tablespoonfuls milk

1 or 2 eggs

3 teaspoonfuls baking powder

Pastry flour to roll, about 3 1/4 cupfuls

2 1/2 teaspoonfuls flavoring

Cream the shortening. Add the sugar, milk, the eggs, well-beaten, and the flavoring. Mix the baking powder in 3 cupfuls of sifted flour and add. If the mixture does not seem stiff, add another half cupful of flour, then cover and let stand several hours so that the flour may swell. Roll to one-quarter inch thickness, shape and bake in a moderate oven about ten minutes. One-half teaspoonful of nutmeg, and one teaspoonful rose water is the old-fashioned flavoring.

Chocolate Drop Cookies

1/2 cupful butter 1 cupful sugar 3 eggs

1 1/2 squares (ounces) chocolate

1 tablespoonful milk

1 teaspoonful vanilla

2 cupfuls pastry flour

2 teaspoonfuls baking powder

Cream the butter, beat in the sugar and eggs, and the vanilla; beat well, and stir in the chocolate, melted. Sift together the flour and baking powder and add alternately with the milk to the first mixture. Drop by teaspoonfuls on an oiled baking sheet, one inch apart. Press an English walnut meat on each cake, or dust thickly with shredded cocoanut. Bake in a quick oven.