Meringue Shells

4 egg whites

1 teaspoonful vanilla

1 cupful granulated sugar

Beat the egg whites stiff and dry. Then add the first half cupful of sugar, whipping the mixture until glossy. Then add the vanilla and fold in the remaining sugar. Tack heavy paraffine paper on wooden boards and draw circles on it two inches apart, the size of the meringues desired. Then pipe, or spread, the meringue mixture within these circles, and bake them an hour in a very slow oven. They should not brown during the first half hour.


2 eggs

1 cupful brown sugar

1/3 teaspoonful salt

1/2 teaspoonful vanilla

Scant 1/2 cupful pastry flour

1/4 teaspoonful baking powder

3/4 cupful chopped pecan or walnut meats

Beat the eggs till creamy. Add the sugar and salt and beat until light with an egg-beater. Add the vanilla and the flour, mixed with the nut meats, reserving a few of them to put on the top of the cakes when they are dropped in the pans; this will give them a pretty finish. Bake in shallow, fluted, individual pans in a moderate oven.

Whole Wheat Marguerites

Substitute fine whole wheat flour for the pastry flour in the preceding recipe.

Saltine Marguerites

2 egg whites 1/2 cupful powdered sugar 1/2 cupful chopped English walnuts

2 tablespoonfuls shredded cocoanut Saltine crackers

Beat the egg whites until nearly stiff, then whip in the sugar. Add the nuts and the cocoanut. Spread upon crisp saltine crackers, and bake in, a moderate oven until delicately browned.