Cranberry Sponge

2 tablespoonfuls granulated gelatine 1/2 cupful cranberry syrup 2 tablespoonfuls lemon juice

2 tablespoonfuls orange juice 1/2 cupful sugar 1 1/4 cupfuls boiling water 2 egg whites

Put the gelatine and cranberry syrup together, letting them stand five minutes. Dissolve the sugar in the boiling water, add the gelatine mixture and stir over hot water until the gelatine is dissolved. Cool and add the fruit juices. Beat the egg whites light, add to the gelatine mixture when it has begun to stiffen, and beat all briskly with an egg-beater, until fluffy and of a pale pink color. Pour into a prepared mould to stiffen, and serve surrounded with cranberry syrup containing the berries.

Coffee Sponge

2 tablespoonfuls granulated gelatine 2 cupfuls strong coffee 1/2 cupful sugar

1/4 teaspoonful vanilla 2 egg whites Few grains salt

Prepare a gelatine mixture of the first three ingredients. When beginning to congeal, add the egg whites beaten stiff with the vanilla and salt. Whip until cream-colored and let stiffen in a mould prepared as directed. Serve with soft custard or cream.

Snow Pudding

2 tablespoonfuls granulated gelatine 1/4 cupful lemon juice 1/4 cupful orange juice (optional)

1 1/2 cupfuls boiling water 3/4 cupful sugar 2 egg whites

Soak the gelatine in cold water to cover for five minutes. Add to the boiling water, stir over hot water till dissolved, if necessary, and add the sugar; then cool, turn in the fruit juices, and let "set" until of the consistency of an egg white. Beat the egg whites dry, add to the gelatine mixture and whip till white and frothy. Pour into a mould prepared as directed and let stiffen; serve with a soft custard, made with the egg yolks.