Preparing Fresh Fruits For Serving

Unless fruit is freshly picked and is free from dust and from all possible contamination, it should always be thoroughly washed before serving. This includes bananas, Oranges, grapes and all fruits. The easiest way to wash the larger fruits is to put them in a colander and rinse them thoroughly in cold water; then drain them on paper towels. This should be done as soon as they come into the kitchen. Blackberries, strawberries and raspberries should be put in the colander, rinsed quickly, and then hulled, care being used to rid the fruit of all possible insects.

Oranges To Be Eaten With A Spoon

The fruit should be cut in halves crosswise and, if these do not stand level, a thin slice of skin may be cut from the ends. The pulp around the edge should then be loosened by a curved grapefruit knife, which makes the process very quick. The membrane between the sections should be loosened until it is tender, and, if there is much pith in the center, it should be removed.

Ways to Serve Oranges

Ways to Serve Oranges: Flower Fashion, on a Strip of Peel, Sliced With Cocoanut and Cherries, Orange Club Sandwich au Naturel.

Oranges Flower Fashion

Cut down the skin in quarters, and then in eighths, to within an inch of the blossom end; then strip down in points and fold them over.

Orange Sections On A Strip Of Peel

Cut an inch band around the orange crosswise through the center, remove the remaining skin, cut the strip and open out the sections.

Oranges Au Naturel

Separate the orange into sections, arrange around a mound of sugar, or an individual plate, separating the sections with a few cluster raisins. Allow five sections to a person.

How To Obtain Orange And Grapefruit Sections For Fruit Cups And Salads

Pare the fruit with a sharp knife till the juice runs and then cut out each section separately with a sharp knife. This is a quick method, and when it is used there is not only less waste but the pulp is kept whole and in perfect condition. These sections are called "carpels."

Sliced Oranges, Pullman Fashion

Pare the oranges with a sharp knife, slice thin crosswise, and arrange in glass dessert dishes with a little sugar between each slice. Chill thoroughly. If desired, some sweetened pineapple juice, or the juice from other canned fruit, may be poured over the orange slices, and the whole well-chilled. Cocoanut may be sprinkled over the serving if to act as a dessert.

Oranges En Casserole

Select thin-skinned Florida oranges, cut in halves, scoop out the seeds, fill the centers with sugar, arrange the halves in a glass casserole, pour in a cupful of water, and place a bit of butter on each half. Cook, covered, in a moderate oven till the skins are tender, about two hours. Then uncover to brown.

Orange Compote

6 navel oranges

1 lemon

1/2 cupful water

2 cupfuls granulated sugar 2 cupfuls apricot juice

Separate the oranges into sections without breaking the membrane. Make a syrup of the water, sugar, apricot and lemon juice, boiling five minutes, or until it threads. Add oranges, cover and cool. Chill at least an hour before serving.