Pineapple Au Naturel

1 ripe pineapple Powdered sugar

Dissect the pineapple into sections by means of a fork, separating around each "eye." It will be dissected easily into wedge-shaped pieces. Make mounds of powdered sugar on individual plates by packing it into a small after-dinner coffee cup or timbale mould; surround with the pineapple sections, and serve garnished with leaves of the pineapple. To eat, use the fingers, dipping the fruit into the sugar.

Sweetened Pineapple

Pare the pineapple and remove the eyes with the pineapple scissors, then grasp the crown of the pineapple firmly and shred down the pulp with a silver fork, leaving the core. Sprinkle liberally with granulated sugar, add a dash of lemon juice if desired, transfer to a covered glass jar and let chill a few hours before serving. If the pineapple is not very juicy, add a little warm water with the sugar.

Pineapple And Fruit, Fresh Or Half-Frozen

1 large pineapple Sugar to taste

1 pint sliced oranges, sliced bananas, sliced pears or halved strawberries

Cut off the crown of the pineapple. Pare away the base so that it will set even, and with a knife and strong spoon scoop out the pulp. Then separate it from the core. Add this pulp to the other fruit, sweeten to taste, put in a covered jar, and pack in three parts of ice to one part of salt. Let stand an hour. When ready to serve turn into the chilled pineapple shell and garnish the base with pineapple leaves.

Ways to Serve Pineapple

Ways to Serve Pineapple.