Crystallized Apricots Or Pineapple

Use canned fruit. Drain well, and cook for a few minutes in a heavy sugar syrup, made of 1 cupful of sugar and 1/3 cupful of water. Then roll thickly in granulated sugar. Lay on cheesecloth in a pan and dry for several hours in a very slow oven, or on the radiator. Sprinkle on more granulated sugar if it seems necessary.

Christmas Joys

1 cupful figs

1 cupful English walnut meats 1 cupful stoned dates

1 cupful candied cherries 1 tablespoonful lemon juice 1/2 cupful candied orange peel

Put the fruits and nuts through the food chopper, add the lemon juice and knead until thoroughly mixed. Toss on a board well-dusted with powdered sugar, roll out to 1/4 inch thickness and cut into rounds with a small cutter

When they have stiffened, frost the tops with a plain orange icing, and decorate with bits of angelica and red cherries to simulate holly.

Table Set For Formal Christmas Dinner

Table Set For Formal Christmas Dinner.

Crystallized Mint Leaves And Checkerberries

Wipe the mint leaves dry and boil for a minute in a syrup made of 1 cupful of sugar and 1/4 cupful of water. Drain and dry over night. Then brush each leaf slightly with beaten egg white and dust with granulated sugar. Place on a cake rack covered with waxed paper and dry in a very slow oven, or on a radiator. Checkerberries may be prepared in the same way, if the preliminary boiling is increased to five minutes.