Candied Orange Peel

Cut the orange peel in long, fourth-inch strips, put in a saucepan, cover with cold water and bring to boiling point. Repeat this process three times, then measure the orange peel; add an equal quantity of sugar and hot water to cover, and cook until the white of the skin is translucent. Then drain from the syrup, roll in granulated sugar and put on plates to dry. Use the syrup in a gelatine or fruit cup."

Candied Grapefruit Peel

Cut the peel in long, narrow strips. Put on to cook in cold water, let boil up and drain. Repeat four times. Then add, by measure, as much water and sugar as peel, and let simmer till translucent. Then drain, roll in granulated sugar and let dry over night.

Candied Cranberries

1 pint large cranberries 1 3/4 cupfuls sugar

2/3 cupful water

Make a syrup by boiling the water and sugar together for five minutes, add the cranberries and let stand a few hours. Then cook them gently till clear, drain, put on a large enamel dripping pan dusted with granulated sugar, sprinkle a little more sugar over them and dry very slowly in an oven at about 120o Fahrenheit.

Candied Kumquats

Wash the kumquats thoroughly, then put them on in cold water and boil up once. Drain and repeat three times. To a pint of kumquats add a cupful of granulated sugar and a half cupful of honey, with hot water to cover. Simmer very slowly for two hours and a half, then drain from the syrup and dry for a few hours. When they are still a little sticky, roll in granulated sugar. They will keep indefinitely in a tightly covered box.

Candied Ginger

Scald and peel the ginger root and cut it in convenient pieces for eating. Boil up three times in separate waters, then measure and add an equal quantity of granulated sugar and as much warm water. Bring slowly to boiling point and simmer gently till translucent and very tender. Then drain, roll in granulated sugar and spread on cake racks or paraffine paper to dry.