Unkneaded Graham Bread (Over Night)

2/3 compressed yeast cake dissolved in 1/2 cupful tepid water 2 cupfuls scalded milk 2 tablespoonfuls butter or drippings

1 teaspoonful salt 1/4 cupful Barbadoes molasses 3 cupfuls graham meal Bread flour

Add the fat, molasses and salt to the milk. Cool until tepid, then add the yeast and the meal, beating thoroughly. Beat in bread flour until not quite thick enough to knead, cover and let stand to rise over night. In the morning cut down, divide into two or three loaves, turn into well-oiled bread pans, smooth the top with a knife, and let stand till double in bulk. Bake an hour in a slow oven.

Gluten Bread (6 Hours)

3 cupfuls tepid water or milk 1 1/2 compressed yeast cakes 1 tablespoonful sugar

1 tablespoonful butter, or other shortening 1 1/2 teaspoonfuls salt 6 cupfuls gluten flour

Dissolve the yeast in a half cupful of the warm liquid, combine with the whole amount of liquid and beat in two cupfuls of the flour. Let stand in a warm place until spongy, about an hour and a half. Then add the sugar, salt and the shortening, melted, and beat in the remaining flour. If necessary, add more flour until the mixture is thick enough to knead. Knead until elastic, let rise till double in bulk, shape into loaves, and, when light, bake in a moderate oven from fifty minutes to an hour.

Unkneaded Rye Bread (5 Hours)

2 cupfuls rye meal 2 cupfuls bread flour 2 tablespoonfuls sugar 1/2 compressed yeast cake

2 cupfuls -water or milk, including wetting for yeast

1 tablespoonful melted butter or drippings

Sift together the dry ingredients; add the liquid, which should be tepid, yeast and shortening. Mix well, place in well-oiled bread pans, let rise till double in bulk and bake forty-five minutes in a moderate oven. This makes one large or two small loaves. If started at eight o'clock, it can be finished by one.

Rice Bread (6 Hours)

1 cupful tepid water 1 compressed yeast cake 11/2 tablespoonfuls sugar 3/4 cupful brown or uncoated rice, cooked to a mush in slightly salted water

1/4 cupful milk

1 1/2 teaspoonfuls salt

1 1/2 tablespoonfuls butter, drippings, or oleomargarine

Bread flour

Dissolve the yeast in the water, and add a cupful of flour; let rise until light and spongy, then add the shortening, melted, the sugar, salt and the milk slightly warmed. In the meantime the rice should be cooked until very soft, but not really wet, and should be rubbed through a sieve into the sponge. Work in flour to knead - about 4 cupfuls. Cut down and shape into two loaves; let rise till light again, and bake forty-five minutes in a moderate oven.

White Yeast Bread (5 Hours)

2 cupfuls scalded milk or 1 cupful water and 1 cupful milk

1 tablespoonful butter, oleomargarine, or drippings

Bread flour to make a stiff batter, probably 6 to 8 cupfuls

1/4 cupful tepid water

1 teaspoonful salt

1 compressed yeast cake

1 tablespoonful sugar

Dissolve the shortening in the hot milk. Pour into a bowl, and cool, till lukewarm. Dissolve the yeast in warm water; add to the milk, with the sugar and salt. Gradually add flour to make a stiff batter, stirring vigorously with a wire whisk. Turn onto a slightly floured board and knead until elastic. Set to rise in a warm place till double in bulk. Form into loaves with as little kneading as possible. Let rise again and then bake about forty-five minutes.