Cornmeal And Wheat Bread (5 Hours)

1 pint scalded milk

1 compressed yeast cake

1/4 cupful tepid water

2 tablespoonfuls butter, or other fat

3 tablespoonfuls sugar, or Barbadoes molasses

1 1/4 teaspoonfuls salt

1 cupful home-ground corn-meal

White or whole wheat flour to knead

Pour the scalded milk onto the corn meal, fat, sweetening and salt. When tepid, add the yeast dissolved in the water, and beat in flour to knead. If desired, a cupful of chopped raisins, figs, or dates may be added at this time. Knead thoroughly, form into two loaves, let rise till double in bulk, and bake in a moderate oven. The bread will be coarse-grained, but of nutty flavor, and the use of the meal effects considerable saving of flour.

Spiced Bread (5 Hours)

1 cupful scalded milk

1 1/2 tablespoonfuls butter or oleomargarine

2 tablespoonfuls sugar

1 teaspoonful cinnamon

1/2 compressed yeast cake 2 tablespoonfuls tepid water 2 1/2 to .3 cupfuls bread flour 1/2 teaspoonful salt

Dissolve the yeast in the warm water; add the shortening and salt to the scalded milk and mix the sugar and cinnamon with the flour. When the milk is tepid, add the yeast, then beat in the flour and let rise till double in bulk. Cut down, spread in an oiled shallow pan, let rise, sprinkle with a little extra sugar and cinnamon mixed, and bake about forty-five minutes in a moderate oven.

Nut Bread (5 Hours)

1/2 cupful boiling water

1/2 cupful milk

3/4 compressed yeast cake, dissolved in 3 tablespoonfuls tepid water

1 tablespoonful butter or oleomargarine 1 tablespoonful Barbadoes molasses 1 cupful nut meats chopped Entire wheat flour to knead

Scald the milk, add the boiling water, molasses and shortening and cool till tepid. Then add the yeast, and flour to knead; set aside to rise till double in bulk. Cut down, shape into loaves, let rise again and bake an hour in a very moderate oven.

Bran Bread (Over Night)

1 compressed yeast cake

1/2 cupful tepid water

1/4 cupful Barbadoes molasses

1 tablespoonful sugar

1/2 tablespoonful salt

3 cuptuis tepid water 1/2 teaspoonful soda 5 cupfuls bran

5 to 6 cupfuls whole wheat or bread flour

Dissolve the yeast in the half cupful of water, pour into the three cupfuls of water, together with the molasses, sugar and salt. Mix together the bran, flour and soda, beat into the liquid, together with enough additional bread, or whole wheat flour, to stiffen it so that it may be handled. Knead well, let rise till double in bulk, cut down, shape into loaves and bake fifty minutes in a moderate oven.

Date Bread (5 Hours)

1/2 cupful Barbadoes molasses 1 teaspoonful salt 3 cupfuls quartered dates 3 cupfuls tepid water

1 1/4 compressed yeast cakes, dissolved in 1/4 cupful warm water

Entire wheat flour

Put together the molasses, salt, dates, water and yeast. Beat in the entire wheat flour to knead, and let rise till double in bulk; form into three loaves; let rise again, and bake fifty minutes in a very moderate oven.