Salt-Rising Bread

4 tablespoonfuls white corn-meal Boiling new milk 1 pint tepid water

1 teaspoonfnl salt 1 teaspoonfnl sugar Bread flour to knead

Scald the white cornmeal with the boiling new milk to a thick batter, and set in a warm place to rise over night. In the morning it should be somewhat light. To this sponge add the warm water, the salt and sugar, and thicken with flour to a medium sponge. Set this in a warm water bath, and keep the same temperature until raised light. It will be necessary to change the water occasionally. Keep it near the stove if possible. When it is light enough, add flour to knead. Shape at once into loaves, and when double in bulk bake as usual.

White Yeast Bread (Over Night)

2 loaves at 42 cents each

1 cupful water....


1 cupful milk


1 teaspoonful sugar....


1 teaspoonful salt.....

1 tablespoonful beef drippings....

1/2 cupful tepid water.......


1/2 compressed yeast cake.....


Bread flour to knead, 6 or 7 cupfuls....

.05 1/2

. 09

Dissolve the drippings in the hot milk, and pour into a bowl, add the water, cool till lukewarm. Dissolve the yeast in the warm water; add to the milk, with the sugar and salt. Gradually add flour to make a stiff batter, stirring vigorously. Turn onto a slightly floured board and knead ten minutes.

Set to rise in a warm place until double in bulk. Turn onto a board and form into loaves, with as little kneading as possible.

Let rise again, and bake about forty-five minutes.

Hot Cross Buns

Prepare the mixture for Sweet Rolls, add 3/4 cupful of thoroughly cleaned currants and 1/2 teaspoonful of cinnamon, if the flavor is liked. At the end of the second rising cut out in good-sized rounds, 1/2 inch thick. Place these in oiled pans, let them rise until double in bulk and bake in a moderate oven. Just before they are done brush them over with a corn starch glaze and when cool fashion a cross on each of confectioner's frosting, put on by means of a pastry bag and tube.

Cinnamon Loaf

Reserve some of the dough from plain white bread. Oil a square cake pan and spread one-half the mixture into the tin. Sprinkle with 4 tablespoonfuls of sugar, and 1 1/2 teaspoonfuls cinnamon mixed together; dot with bits of butter or oleomargarine. Set a second layer in place over this, and finish as before. Let rise till double in bulk, and bake in a moderate oven.

Entire Wheat Bread (5 Hours)

2 cupfuls scalded milk 2 tablespoonfuls sugar or

Barbadoes molasses 2 teaspoonfuls salt

1 compressed yeast cake 1/4 cupful tepid water Entire wheat flour to knead

Add the sweetening and salt to the milk. Cool, and, when lukewarm, add the yeast dissolved in the tepid water. Stir in flour to make a stiff batter and knead till elastic. Place in a well-oiled bowl; wipe over the top with a little melted fat so that a crust will not form, and let rise until double in bulk. Form into loaves, let rise again, until nearly double, and bake forty-five to fifty minutes in a moderate oven. A half pound of seeded raisins may be added to the dough if desired.