Fruit Cups or Cocktails may be made of almost any fruit in combination with one or two others, if properly sweetened and flavored. As the portions should be small, not more than two tablespoonfuls of fruit and juice to a person, the fruit cocktail can often be made of materials which are on hand. In many instances, as with currants and other fruits which are very acid, the smoothness of the cocktail depends upon a little preliminary cooking. For instance, to make a cocktail of a cupful of currants, a few raspberries and a little mint, sugar, in proportion to the acidity of the currants, should be combined with them together with a little tepid water, not more than two tablespoonfuls, and the whole gently cooked for about five minutes. If this is done, the fruit may be kept for several days, the raw raspberries and a trace of mint being added at least two hours before serving time so that the flavors may become blended. It is a good plan to put the cocktail together in a glass jar early in the day and let it stand next to the ice till serving-time. If raw fruits entirely are to be used, they should be allowed to stand in a syrup made of a cupful of sugar to a half cupful of water to insure smoothness of flavor. Many fruits are greatly improved by the addition of a little lemon juice - not enough to make the cocktail sour, but just a dash to heighten the natural flavor. Various combinations of fruits, suitable to use in cocktails, are:

1. Blackberries and sugar syrup (as above) with nutmeg and lemon juice to season.

2. Red raspberries, diced oranges and sugar syrup.

3. Shredded fresh pineapple, with stoned cherries and sugar syrup, or diced oranges and syrup, with or without a trace of mint.

4. Small cubes or tiny balls of watermelon, diced pineapple, syrup and lemon juice to taste.

5. Cubed canteloupe, with sugar syrup, nutmeg and lemon juice to taste, if desired.

6. Blackberries, syrup and diced banana.

7. Diced peaches, syrup, minced angelica, a few stoned cherries and a little diced orange.

Grapefruit Cup No. I

Remove the pulp from three large grapefruit. Cut each section in thirds, or halves, according to size. Sprinkle with sugar and chill. Serve plain or with a garnish of mint leaves, with one tablespoonful of grape juice poured over each serving.

Grapefruit Cup No. II

3 grapefruit

6 Maraschino cherries, shredded 6 tablespoonfuls sugar

1/2 cupful seeded and quartered Malaga grapes 1 tablespoonful lemon juice

Peel the grapefruit and remove the sections, cutting each one in thirds; add the sugar, grapes and lemon juice and let stand, covered, one hour in a cold place to ripen. Pour into frappe glasses and decorate with shredded cherries.

Grapefruit Cup No. III

2 large grapefruit Granulated sugar

4 tablespoonfnls candied ginger 4 canned-pear halves

Prepare the grapefruit and cut the pulp in small pieces. Sweeten and add the other ingredients and let stand in a cold place to chill. Serve in glass cups, and sprinkle with a little extra ginger for a garnish.