Wash and cut the grapefruit in halves crosswise; cut around the outer edge of the pulp with a grapefruit knife. Snip the connecting cellulose with sharp scissors, and remove it with the center membrane, leaving the sections of pulp whole and in their places.

If desired sweet, fill the centers with sugar and let stand two hours before serving. If to be served without sugar as a luncheon appetizer, add a drop of tabasco sauce and a raw oyster.

Grapefruit, Filled With Tokay Grapes

Allow half a grapefruit to twelve Tokay grapes for each person. Loosen the grapefruit pulp, cutting the membrane and lifting it out as directed. Halve and seed the grapes. Add as much sugar to the grapefruit as is desired. Heap on the Tokay grapes and set aside for two hours - occasionally "basting" the grapes with the grapefruit juice, as it accumulates.

Frosted Grapes

Select large Malaga or Tokay grapes. After washing and drying rub them lightly with egg white, applying it with the fingers. Sift granulated sugar over them so that they are "frosted" and set in a draft of air to dry.

Use as a garnish for fruit cups, grape sherbet, etc.