Apples With Cheese

Select apples of marked flavor and good color. Serve well-polished, passing Neufchatel or cream cheese. The apple is to be sliced, the cheese spread upon it and eaten by means of the fingers. This is a typical Italian dish.

Broiled Apples

Pare the apples and core them, cut in thick, crosswise slices, dip in crumbs and melted butter, and broil gently until they are tender.

West India Baked Apples

Large tart apples Bananas

Sugar Cinnamon

Wash apples, remove cores and cut slices off the base so that they will rest evenly. Peel the bananas and insert a piece in place of the apple cores. Dust with cinanmon, place a spoonful of sugar on top, and set in baking dish, containing a little water, to bake. Cook in a moderate oven, basting occasionally, till tender. Serve cold.

Baked Apple Sauce

8 apples

3/4 cupful granulated sugar

1/2 cupful water to cover partially

Wash, pare and core the apples. Cut in eighths. Place in a baking dish or casserole with the sugar and water, cover and bake till deep red in a slow oven. This will take about three hours.

Apples Baked In Maple Syrup

6 apples Bananas Lemon peel

1 cupful maple syrup 1 cupful water

Core the apples, and insert in each a piece of banana. Set the apples in a baking dish; add the syrup, lemon peel and water, cover and bake gently until tender, basting occasionally. Remove the apples, boil down the syrup till it threads, pour over the apples and serve very cold with soft custard or whipped cream flavored with maple syrup.

Coddled Apples

6 medium-sized rosy apples 2 cupfuls boiling water

1/2 cupful sugar

Few peelings orange rind

Wash the apples and simmer slowly until tender in a syrup made of the other three ingredients, turning the apples often so that they will cook evenly. When done, transfer to a platter, and boil down the syrup until it is thick and dark. Pour over the apples. Serve very cold with plain or whipped cream, or boiled custard. Remove the orange rind before the syrup is boiled down.

Apple Cups With Rice

6 rosy apples 1 cupful sugar

1 cupful boiled brown or un-coated rice

1 cupful soft custard, if desired

Wash the apples, cut off the tops, and with a small sharp teaspoon remove the centers forming cups. Cook gently in a syrup of 2 cupfuls of water to I cupful of sugar, until tender. Carefully shape and fill the centers with boiled rice. Pour over the syrup from the apples, which has been simmered until thick. Cool and serve with whipped cream.

Apples, Cranberry Style

Select perfect apples, core them and fill the spaces with cranberry conserve or jelly. Bake gently, basting frequently with a syrup made of equal parts of sugar and water. When tender, transfer to a serving-dish and pour over them the syrup which should be thick enough to jelly. Chill the apples, and serve with whipped cream flavored with sifted cranberry sauce; use one-fourth cupful of this to one cupful of heavy cream, sweetened to taste.

Stewed Plums With Chestnuts

1 1/2 cupfuls sugar

2 1/2 lemons

1 1/2 cupfuls water

1 1/2 cupfuls boiled chestnuts 2 dozen purple plums

Boil the sugar and water together for ten minutes; then add the lemon, sliced thin, and the plums, cooking gently till they are tender. Remove the plums and cook down the syrup one-half. In the meantime remove the shells from the chestnuts, add to the syrup when it is done and pour over the plums. Serve very cold.