Fig Conserve

1 pound dried figs 3 cupfuls sugar 1/2 cupful orange juice 1/2 cupful lemon juice

2 cupfuls chopped walnut meats 2 cupfuls raisins, halved Grated rind one orange

Wash the figs and soak over night with the raisins in water to cover. Cook until tender in the same water, then chop fine and simmer until almost thick enough. Then stir in the nut meats, finish cooking and seal in sterilized glasses.

Cranberry Conserve

1 quart cranberries

1 cupful water

Juice and pulp 2 oranges

1 cupful raisins

2 cupfuls sugar

Cook the cranberries, oranges, raisins and water together until the cranberries burst, and the whole mixture is soft. Add the sugar, let simmer until thick and seal as usual in sterilized glasses.

Yellow Tomato Preserves

6 pounds yellow tomatoes 1 pound sugar Juice and grated rind of 1 lemon

1/8 cupful minced green ginger root

Blanch the tomatoes and remove the skins. Add the sugar, the lemon juice and rind and the ginger root. Let stand over night, then cook gently until half done. Pour into jars. Adjust the rubbers and caps and sterilize twenty minutes in the hot-water-bath outfit, or fifteen minutes in the water-seal or five-pound steam-pressure outfit.

Preserved Pears With Ginger

8 pounds winter pears 5 pounds sugar

6 lemons

1/4 pound candied ginger

Blanch the pears, remove the skins and cut the pulp in small pieces. Slice the lemons very thin, leaving on the rind of two of them. Chop the ginger and add it to the pears with the sugar and lemons. Cover and let stand twenty-four hours; then simmer until translucent. Pour into jars, adjust the rubbers and caps and cook ten minutes in the hot-water-bath outfit.

Preserved Cherries

Select sour red cherries. Remove the stones. Put the cherries in alternate layers in the preserving kettle, with half their weight in sugar, and one-fourth their weight in honey. (All sugar may be used if desired.) Let stand twenty-four hours, and then simmer gently until the cherries are tender. Pour into glass jars, adjust the caps and rubbers, and sterilize ten minutes in the hot-water-bath outfit.

Green Tomato Preserves

4 quarts green tomatoes, sliced 4 lemons

1 pint water 3 cupfuls sugar

Wash the lemons and slice very thin. Simmer in the water until the rinds are tender; turn in the tomatoes and simmer until translucent. Then add the sugar Cook until thick and rich and pour into sterilized jars, filling them full. Adjust the rubbers and caps and sterilize ten minutes in the hot-water-bath outfit.

Preserved Strawberries

Hull the berries and measure them. Allow an equal quantity of sugar. Place in alternate layers with the sugar in the preserving kettle, let stand a few moments, then bring rapidly to boiling point, stirring all the time, and boil for ten minutes. Pour into sterilized glasses, and, when cool, seal with paraffine.

Preserved Strawberries - Cold Method

Wash and hull the berries. Weigh them, and then weigh out once and a quarter their weight in sugar. Mash the berries and put a layer in a scalded stone crock. Add a layer of sugar and then one of berries and continue until all are used. Stand in a cold place for twenty-four hours, stirring occasionally, then seal in sterilized jars.