Bread And Ham Timbales

2 cupfuls minced ham 2 eggs separated 1 1/2 cupfuls dried bread crusts crumbled

1 1/4 cupfuls milk

3/4 teaspoonful salt

1/8 teaspoonful pepper

1 teaspoonful scraped onion

Combine the crumbs and milk and cook to a paste. Add to the ham, together with the seasoning and the egg yolks. Fold in the whites, beaten stiff, transfer to tim-bale moulds or small custard cups, which have been oiled with ham fat, set them in a pan of hot water and cook until set, like custard, about twenty-five minutes in a moderate oven. Turn out and serve with white or tomato sauce, or peas.

Bread, Tomato And Cheese Stew

1 1/2 cupfuls coarse stale bread crumbs 1 onion chopped 3 tablespoonfuls bacon, ham, or sausage fat

1 quart can tomatoes 3/4 cupful grated cheese 1 teaspoonful salt 1/8 teaspoonful pepper

Fry the crumbs and onion in the fat, then mix the seasonings with the tomato; put a layer in the bottom of a sauce pan, sprinkle on some of the bread mixture and then some cheese, continuing till all is used. A cupful of any good broth may be added, if convenient. Let simmer gently for about ten minutes.

Bread And Meat Pie

2 cupfuls minced meat, any-kind

2 cupfuls gravy, or brown sauce, well-seasoned

Few grains mace

1 1/2 cupfuls coarsely crumbled, dry bread crumbs 1/2 cupful ground dry bread crumbs 2 tablespoonfuls butter or oleomargarine

Put the meat, coarse bread crumbs and sauce in a well-oiled baking dish in alternating layers. Top with the fine bread crumbs, mixed with the fat melted. Bake until brown in a moderate oven.

Bread And Egg Salad

3 hard-cooked eggs

I cupful diced stale bread

1/4 cupful olive, peanut, or corn oil 6 pickled onions, minced, or 1 tablespoonful scraped onion

1/3 cupful chopped mixed pickle

1 1/2 cupfuls shredded lettuce or cabbage

Salt and pepper to taste

Put the bread and oil in the salad bowl and toss till the oil is almost absorbed, then add the eggs, chopped coarsely, and the other ingredients in the order given, together with a little of the pickle vinegar, if the salad is not sufficiently tart and moist. To this may be added a cupful of flaked, cooked fish, as salmon, bluefish, sardines, etc., or a cupful of diced ham or veal, or a half cupful of broken nut meats, or a cupful of chopped beets. If this is done, it will be necessary to increase the amount of oil by a tablespoonful and a half.

Bread Jelly

2 cupfuls broken bits dried white, sweet, or white and whole wheat bread mixed

1/8 teaspoonful nutmeg

2 1/2 cupfuls boiling water

1/2 teaspoonful salt

1/4 cupful sugar

Juice and grated rind 1/2 lemon

Simmer together the bread, water and salt until it is thoroughly blended, stirring with a wire whisk; it will take about twenty minutes. Then add the sugar and nutmeg and, when tepid, the lemon. Turn into moulds rinsed with cold water, let stand till firm and serve with cream or milk and sugar, with any cold, foamy fruit sauce, or with stewed fruit. If desired, quartered dates, halved raisins, bits of figs, or some chopped nut meats may be added to the mixture when it is taken from the heat.