Entire wheat bread Cream cheese Peanut butter

Salad dressing Stuffed olives Lettuce

Spread the bread thinly with a mixture of the cheese and peanut butter creamed together; then sprinkle thickly with the olives, sliced, lay on a lettuce leaf, spread lightly with salad dressing and top with bread.

Ham And Jelly Sandwiches

Slice cold boiled ham as thinly as possible. Put between thin slices of buttered bread, spreading one slice with tart jelly.

Chicken Sandwiches

Chop the chicken fine and add mayonnaise to moisten, and, if desired, a little finely-chopped green pepper, pimento or celery. Stir this mixture into butter, which should be beaten to a cream, and spread between slices of white or entire wheat bread.

Hot Bacon Sandwiches

Broil, or bake, the bacon in the oven until crisp. Butter slices of bread, spread lightly with salad dressing and a little chopped tomato; dust with salt and pepper, lay on the sliced bacon, set the remaining bread in place and serve at once.

Minced Ham And Egg Sandwiches

Minced cooked ham Hard-cooked eggs Made mustard

Salad dressing Entire wheat bread

Rub equal parts of minced ham and chopped hard-boiled eggs to a paste. Add a dash of mustard and well-seasoned mayonnaise, or boiled dressing, to moisten. Spread upon thinly-sliced bread, and press together in pairs.