Cooked chicken Sliced tomatoes Broiled bacon

Lettuce Salad dressing Buttered toast

Prepare the toast, place a lettuce leaf on one of the slices, sprinkle on a teaspoonful of salad dressing, add the sliced chicken, put on a little more lettuce and dressing, then the bacon and tomato, and more lettuce and dressing. Finish with the second slice of toast, cut the sandwich cornerwise, and serve at once, garnished with tiny lettuce leaves or parsley.

Vegetable Club Sandwiches

2 slices tomato

3 green peppers, fried 1 cream cheese

Buttered Bread, Or Buttered Toast

Beat the cream cheese with a little sweet milk or cream, until it is smooth; then spread it on the bread or toast. Put on a thin layer of sliced tomatoes, then one of fried green peppers, salted.

Top with the bread or toast; serve at once.

Mock Club Sandwich

Hard-cooked eggs Boiled ham Sliced tomatoes Shredded pimentoes

Lettuce Buttered toast Salad dressing

Prepare the toast, then place a leaf of lettuce dipped in salad dressing on the bottom piece; put a slice of ham in place, then the tomato; add a little more dressing, then the egg and pimento. Finish with more lettuce and a top piece of toast.

Baked-Bean Club Sandwich

Toast and butter two slices of entire wheat, or white, bread, and on one of them place a lettuce leaf, covered with boiled salad dressing. Above the dressing spread a generous filling of cold baked beans, cover with a slice of tomato with boiled dressing; add another lettuce leaf, and replace the second slice of toast. Garnish with a bit of bacon and a lettuce leaf.

Orange Club Sandwiches

Toast slices of stale sponge cake, or plain cake. Fill with finely-sliced and sweetened orange, mixed with cocoanut, and a few shredded Maraschino cherries, if convenient, and serve with a garnish of nuts and marsh-mallows.