Make a filling of finely-chopped cooked meat, moistened with salad dressing. Spread between slices of buttered bread, press together in pairs, and toast on each side. Serve very hot.

Toasted Chicken Sandwiches

Cut the bread in full-sized slices, one-quarter inch thick. Spread lightly with creamed butter, then lay on thin slices of chicken. Dust lightly with celery salt. Press the second slices of bread in place and toast on either side, buttering the toasted surfaces when finished.

Toasted Salmon Sandwiches

Slice the bread one-quarter inch thick, and allow two full slices to a person. Spread the bread lightly with butter, or butter substitute, and then put in a thick filling made of finely-minced canned salmon, mixed with a little salad dressing or made mustard. Put the two slices together (do not remove the crusts) and toast on both sides.

The Picnic Lunch

The Picnic Lunch.