Bread Savory

6 onions

3 cupfuls milk

1 1/2 cupfuls dried, crumbled entire wheat bread crumbs 1/2 cupful minced ham or shredded smoked beef

2 eggs, slightly beaten

1 teaspoonful salt

1/8 teaspoonful pepper

2 tablespoonfuls ham fat

Slice the onions thin and cook, till soft and yellow, in the fat. Then add the other ingredients in the order given, pour into a baking dish rubbed with a little ham fat and cook gently until set.

Brown Bread Biscuits

4 tablespoonfuls any good cooking fat 5/8 cupful boiling water 1 cupful ground whole wheat, rye, or oatmeal bread crumbs 1 cupful bread flour

1 teaspoonful salt

3 teaspoonfuls baking powder

1/4 cupful grated cheese, or ground nut meats, if desired

Melt the fat in the hot water and pour onto the crumbs. Cool till tepid, then work in the flour, salt and baking powder mixed; pat out as any biscuit dough, shape in small rounds, brush lightly with milk and bake in a quick oven. If desired, the cheese or nuts may be worked into the dough, making the biscuits very substantial. In this case they should be served with a vegetable salad as the main course at luncheon or supper.