Raised Biscuits (5 Hours)

1 1/2 cupfuls milk 2 tablespoonfuls butter, oleomargarine or lard 1/2 cupful tepid water 1 compressed yeast cake

1 tablespoonful sugar

1 teaspoonful salt

2 cupfuls bread flour Bread flour to knead

Dissolve the yeast in tepid water; warm the milk till tepid, combine and beat in two cupfuls of flour. Let stand until light and spongy, then add the salt, sugar, the shortening, melted, and flour to knead. Knead until elastic, let rise till double in bulk, and then shape into round balls. Set in a well-oiled pan, barely touching, and, when light, bake in a moderate oven. Brush over with butter when they are baked.

Raised Graham Biscuits (5 Hours)

1 compressed yeast cake, dissolved in 1/2 cupful tepid water

2 cupfuls scalded milk

1 tablespoonful butter or oleomargarine

1 teaspoonful salt 4 tablespoonfuls sugar 3 cupfuls graham meal Bread flour to knead

Add the shortening, salt and sugar to the milk. Cool until lukewarm, then add the yeast and beat in the graham meal. Add bread flour to knead; work over till very elastic, and then set to rise till double in bulk. Then cut down, shape into biscuits, set in a well-oiled pan, scarcely touching, and let rise till double in bulk. Brush over lightly with milk, and bake in a moderate oven about twenty-five minutes.

Clover Leaf Rye Biscuits (5 Hours)

1 cupful rye meal

5 cupfuls bread flour

2 tablespoonfuls sugar

2 tablespoonfuls butter, oleomargarine or drippings

1 cupful milk scalded and cooled

1 compressed yeast cake, dissolved in 1 cupful tepid water

3/4 teaspoonful salt

Mix together the dry ingredients. Rub in the shortening with the finger tips. Dissolve the yeast, add it to the milk, and stir into the first mixture. Beat well, cover and let rise till doubled in bulk. Stir down and form into small balls with the fingers, putting them together into oiled muffin pans to form clover leaves. Let rise till light, and bake.

Almond Biscuits

Prepare the mixture for sweet rolls. Instead of shaping it like Parker House rolls, cut it into rounds a fourth inch in thickness, brush them over with melted butter, and sprinkle thickly with chopped blanched almonds. Set to rise. Do not let them touch each other, and bake in a moderate oven. They should be crusty all over and suggest the German rusk.

Cocoanut Rusks

Make according to the recipe for sweet rolls, shaping the dough for the final rising with a biscuit cutter. Bake as directed. When cool, spread roughly with a little plain confectioner's frosting and shredded cocoanut. Nuts may be substituted for the cocoanut.