Vegetable salads may be made in many combinations, - imagination only being the limit. It is a good plan to put washed and dry radishes, white or red, pieces of green peppers which may have been left over, or a tomato, if there is an extra one at hand, in the salad bag or basket, along with lettuce or other salad greens, and before it is realized the ingredients for a delicious vegetable salad will be accumulated. Specific recipes are unnecessary for simple salads of this type. However, the following suggestions will probably assist the imagination:

Lettuce, cress and celery.

Cress, tomatoes and cucumbers.

Romaine, sliced radishes and shredded cabbage.

Sliced tomatoes, diced cucumbers and lettuce.

Young dandelions, new onions and cooked beets.

Lettuce, tomatoes and corn.

Romaine, asparagus tips and small, or sliced, radishes.

Peas, sliced shallots, lettuce or cress.

String beans, radishes and lettuce.

Sliced tomatoes, diced cucumbers and lettuce.

Chicory and cucumber.

Escarole, chives and cubes of tomato jelly.

All these may be served with French dressing.

Dressings Which May Be Served With Vegetable Salads

For vegetable salads, French dressing, California French dressing, English salad dressing, French pepper dressing, Italian and radish dressing, Roquefort salad dressing, boiled dressing and mayonnaise are all suitable for certain meals and may be substituted for the French dressing mentioned in the list of vegetable salad combinations as desirable.

Milady's Salad

6 slices tomato 3/4 cupful diced canned pineapple 3/4 cupful diced celery

Mayonnaise Powdered Parsley Lettuce

Arrange the salads individually as follows, put a slice of tomato on a nest of lettuce leaves, combine the pineapple and celery with a little mayonnaise; put a spoonful of this mixture on each slice of tomato. Top with extra mayonnaise, sprinkle with the parsley, and serve very cold.

Shamrock Salad

2 large green peppers

1 large cream cheese

1/4 cupful chopped walnut meats

French or mayonnaise dressing

2 tablespoonfuls stuffed olives 2 tablespoonfuls cream Salt and pepper Lettuce

Remove the stem ends from the peppers and scrape out the seeds and cores. Let the peppers stand in cold, salted water for two hours, then drain and pack full of the cheese, nuts and olives creamed together and seasoned to taste, and moistened with the cream. Let stand to become very firm, then slice across in one-quarter inch pieces; pour over a little French dressing and serve two slices to each person on a nest of lettuce hearts. Garnish with radish roses, if convenient, and pass mayonnaise if desired.

Spinach Salad

Cook the spinach as usual, season well with salt, pepper, butter and a dash of nutmeg, and pack into cold, wet individual moulds. Chill, turn out on white lettuce leaves, and serve with a garnish of hard-cooked eggs and mayonnaise or boiled dressing.