Baked Sausages

Gently prick the sausages and place them on a rack in a pan. Cook in a moderate oven until they are tender, which will take about twenty-five minutes. They will not burst by this method, and the sausage fat will not be burned, and, therefore, can be used for many culinary purposes.

Baked Sausage With Broiled Sliced Apples

Baked Sausage With Broiled Sliced Apples.

Simmered Sausages

Prick the sausages with a fork. Put in a frying pan with water to half cover, and simmer until they are browned and the water is almost evaporated; turn occasionally during the process; then make a gravy of the liquid, thickening it with flour as usual.

Farm-House Sausages

Prick the sausages with a fork, and boil ten to fifteen minutes, according to the size. Complete the cooking by sauteing until browned. Pare and core tart apples, cut into rings one-half inch thick, dip in egg and crumbs and fry slowly in the sausage fat until soft. Serve with the sausages.

Baked Sausage Potato

1 pound fresh sausage meat

2 quarts raw, sliced potato Milk

1 onion sliced Flour

Rub a baking dish with drippings. Put in a layer of raw potatoes, dust with flour and add a little onion, then a layer of sausage. Continue until all is used, then barely cover with the milk, and bake in a slow oven from two to two and a half hours.

Potatoes Stuffed With Sausage

Select potatoes of medium size, pare them and cut off the tops lengthwise to form covers. Scoop out the centers, fill with sausage meat,, and replace the covers, fastening them in place with toothpicks; dredge the potatoes with salt and pepper and place in a pan containing a little meat broth; bake about an hour and a quarter until tender, basting occasionally with, the broth. Serve with milk gravy.