Braised Ham

A boned and rolled shoulder of ham 2 cupfuls diced carrots 1 cupful diced turnip Celery leaves

2 inches stick cinnamon 1/4 cupful sliced onions 2 tablespoonfuls sugar cupful grape juice 6 cloves

Soak the ham over night in cold water containing a little soda. Bring to boiling point and discard the water. Caramelize the sugar in the braising pan, add the onion, and when well-coated put in the vegetables and grape juice. Set the ham in place in the pan, nearly half cover with boiling water, cover and bake gently in the oven till tender. Then remove the skin, dust with crumbs and a sprinkling of sugar, brown quickly and serve with grape juice sauce.

Pot-Eoast Of Ham

Order a shoulder of ham boned and rolled. Soak for twenty-four hours in water to cover. Then melt three tablespoonfuls of fat in a kettle, add a cupful of sliced onions and a cupful of diced celery, cooking until softened. Turn in the ham and brown it thoroughly. Barely cover with boiling water and simmer gently for about four hours; remove the meat, then add the desired number of pared potatoes and boil them. Skin the ham, dust thickly with crumbs and brown in a hot oven. Surround with the potatoes, garnish with celery and make a thickened sauce of equal parts of ham stock and sifted canned tomato to accompany it. Thicken with crumbs.

Pan-Broiled Ham With Cream Sauce

Freshen thin slices of ham for ten minutes in boiling water. Drain thoroughly and place in a hissing-hot frying pan, cooking first on one side, then on the other, until the edges of the fat are browned. Add 2 tablespoonfuls of flour to the fat remaining in the pan after the ham has been removed; turn in slowly two cupfuls of milk stirring constantly; add a dash of pepper and let boil. Surround the ham with this sauce and garnish with bits of parsley.

Planked Ham, Easter Style

3 pounds sliced ham, cut 3 inches thick 1 cupful white grape juice

1 cupful boiling water

2 cloves

1 inch stick cinnamon Duchess potatoes Stuffed tomatoes Parsley

Soak the ham over night in cold water. When ready to cook it, drain well and place in a baking dish with the grape juice, water and spice. Cover and cook gently till almost done. Then drain and place on a well-oiled hot plank. Put the tomatoes around the ham, set in the oven and bake for fifteen minutes. Then pipe on Duchess potatoes with a pastry bag and tube, brush over with slightly-beaten egg yolk, diluted with a little milk, brown quickly and garnish with parsley.

Baked Ham In Milk

2 pounds ham sliced 1 inch thick Flour

1 tablespoonful butter



Soak the ham an hour in warm water; drain, place on a baking platter, sprinkle thickly with flour, season with pepper, cover with milk and dot with bits of butter. Bake until the ham is tender - about forty-five minutes.

Fried Ham With Milk Gravy

Cut the ham a quarter of an inch thick. Heat a frying pan and put in it a little of the fat trimmed from the ham. When this is melted, fry the ham rather slowly in it and make a gravy by adding a tablespoonful and a half of flour to the drippings in the pan and slowly a cupful of milk for a cupful of gravy.