Kumquat And Pear Salad

6 pear halves 12 kumquats Cream cheese balls Powdered mint

Bar Le Due Dressing


French dressing

Marinate the halves of pears thirty minutes in Bar le Due dressing and the kumquats (cut in quarters lengthwise) the same time in the French dressing. Arrange the pear halves individually on plates containing lettuce, with the kumquats radiating like flower petals. Pour the balance of the Bar le Due dressing over the pears, and place three tiny cream cheese balls rolled in powdered mint in the hollow of each pear.

Harvest Salad

3 large russet pears 1 1/2 cupfuls celery straws 3 tablespoonfuls Canton ginger cut in bits . 6 tablespoonfuls Malaga grapes, quartered 1 teaspoonful powdered sugar

3 tablespoonfuls chopped pistachio nuts

4 tablespoonfuls olive oil

2 tablespoonfuls lemon juice Few grains salt Curly lettuce

Let the celery strips stand two hours in cold, salted water to curl. Peel the pears, cut in halves and remove the cores. Mix together the ginger and grapes with a little mayonnaise, and fill the cavities of the pears. Arrange individually, - making a nest of celery on some lettuce leaves, placing a half pear in the center and sprinkling with nutmeats. Marinate in a dressing made of the oil, lemon juice, salt and powdered sugar. Let stand a few minutes to season, and serve very cold.

Grapefruit Salad

French dressing 3 large grapefruit

2 green peppers Lettuce

Pare the grapefruit and cut out the carpels. Cut these in three pieces each, and let stand closely covered, for ten minutes with the French dressing seasoned with paprika. In the meantime, remove the seeds and core from the peppers and shred them fine. Boil one minute, drain and chill. Arrange the grapefruit on lettuce leaves, strew with the peppers and serve very cold.

Canned Pear And Orange Salad

1 1/2 cupfuls diced canned pears 3 oranges, separated into sections

Currant And French Fruit

dressings Lettuce

Marinate the pears thirty minutes in the currant dressing; let the oranges stand an equal length of time in the French dressing. Then arrange the orange sections on a bed of lettuce, with the pears in the center.

Canned Peach And Nut Salad

Select a large half peach for each person. Let stand thirty minutes in a little French fruit dressing; drain and fill the center with chopped figs, dates or prunes mixed with a little cream. Sprinkle with chopped cashew nuts, place on lettuce leaves and serve.

Chrysanthemum Salad

6 small oranges

3 tablespoonfuls minced mint or parsley leaves 8 tablespoonfuls minced celery 2 tablespoonfuls minced pimentoes

4 tablespoonfuls olive oil 1 tablespoonful lemon juice Few grains salt Mayonnaise or boiled oil dressing Lettuce

Peel the oranges and scrape off the outside membrane; then cut through the sections to the center, separating them from the tough skin, but cutting only to within an inch of the bottom, so that the sections will hang together. Cut out the separated membranes with the scissors, and let the oranges stand twenty minutes in a dressing made of the olive oil, lemon juice and salt. Then drain and fill the centers with the minced celery and pimentoes, mixed with the dressing. Arrange individually on lettuce leaves, and strew the mint or parsley sparingly over the center and out on "the petals."