Salted Pecans

Blanch the nuts as perfectly as possible with boiling water, then drain and dry. Rub, or mix lightly, with slightly beaten egg white, then toss in a small amount of salt; spread on paraffine paper and set in a very slow oven to dry out.

Roast Salted Walnuts

Rinse and dry the walnut meats, if bought loose. Thickly butter a dripping pan, put in a generous layer of the nuts and roast slowly till golden and crisp, stirring occasionally. Then dust lightly with salt.

Cocoanut Kisses

1/2 pound shredded cocoanut 1 egg white

2 cupfuls powdered sugar

Beat the egg white stiff, and add the sugar and cocoa-nut gradually. Form into balls and bake on a buttered cookie sheet in a slow oven.

Mint Turkish Paste

3 tablespoonfuls granulated gelatine 1/3 cupful orange juice 1/2 cupful minced fresh mint 6 drops essence peppermint 2 cupfuls sugar

3/4 cupful cold water

1 tablespoonful lemon juice

3/4 cupful candied cherries, minced Green coloring

Let the gelatine stand in the fruit juices until the liquid has been absorbed. Stir together the sugar, water and mint, set over a slow heat until the sugar is dissolved, then add the gelatine and boil for twenty minutes. Color, and, when almost cool, stir in the cherries and turn into an unoiled bread pan. Let stiffen over night, then sift confectioner's sugar thickly over the paste, loosen at the edges with a sharp knife, and pull onto a board dredged with confectioner's sugar. Cut in cubes and roll each in sugar.