Make a brine of salt and cold water that will float a potato and, after cleaning the fish properly, let it stand in the brine for thirty minutes. Remove from the brine, cut into convenient sections, pack into glass jars, adding a teaspoonful of salt to each quart jar. If the skin is not removed, pack the jar so that the skin will be next the glass. If possible, remove the bones before packing the fish; sterilize three hours in the water-bath outfit, three hours in the water-seal and two and a half hours in the five-pound steam-pressure outfit. Use only fresh fish.

Canned Oysters Or Clams

Select fresh products, not more than twenty-four hours out of the water. Rinse carefully in fresh salted water and plunge the clams or oysters into boiling water for a few minutes. Pack into glass jars, add a teaspoonful of salt to each quart jar, adjust the rubbers and caps and sterilize three hours in a water-bath outfit, two in a water-seal and one and a half hours in a five-pound steam-pressure outfit.