All three of these preserves may be made of a single fruit or of a mixture of two or more fruits. Berries, currants and gooseberries should be washed and then mashed, while firm fruits, like apples, peaches and pears, should be washed, pared and cored, or stoned, then sliced. The fruit should stand in alternate layers with sugar for several hours to extract the juices. Berries and juicy fruits do not need the addition of any water, but drier fruits, such as apples and pears, should have a little added to start the juices. They should be brought slowly to the boiling point and then simmered until so thick that a little will stiffen if dropped on a cold plate. For each pound of fruit used, after preparing, allow,three-fourths of a pound of granulated sugar, or one-half pound of granulated sugar and one-fourth pound of white corn syrup.

Pour the preserves into jars or glasses, boiled for five minutes, and, when cool, seal with melted paraffine and cover, or paste brown paper over the tops. If desired, they may be put into pint jars, the rubbers and caps adjusted, and then sterilized twenty minutes in the hot-water bath, or ten minutes in the water-seal or in the five-pound steam-pressure outfit. This is an extra precaution against spoilage.

Blackberry Jam

See general directions for making jam.

Raspberry Or Strawberry Jam

See general directions for making jam. If desired, the raspberries may be combined with one-quarter their weight in currants, or may be used with equal parts of blueberries. Or strawberries may be combined with an equal amount of diced, unpeeled rhubarb.

Loganberry Jam See general directions for making jam.

Cherry Jam

Use rather sweet cherries. Remove the stones, and follow general directions for making jam.

Gooseberry Jam

Stem and wash the gooseberries, mash and cook gently in their own juices until they are tender. Add an equal weight of sugar and simmer until thick. If desired, equal parts of gooseberries and currants may be used.

Dried Peach Or Apricot Jam

1 pound dried apricots or peaches

2 lemons

Water 1 orange Sugar

Wash the fruit and soak it over night, with the orange and lemon sliced thin, rind and all. Then stew very slowly in the same water barely to cover and sift through a colander. Add two-thirds as much sugar by measure as fruit pulp, simmer very slowly until thick; seal as usual or sterilize in jars if desired.