1 beef kidney



Bit of bay-leaf Salt and pepper 1/4 inch slice of lemon

Soak a beef kidney in cold water for one hour, changing the water two or three times as it colors; then place on the fire in cold water and gently heat to the boiling-point. Drain off this water and put on fresh cold water for a second heating. Again heat and again change the water.

In the third water simmer the kidney for ten minutes. Then remove it from the fire, and when cool enough to handle,, cut out the cords and most of the center fat. Slice thin, dip each piece in flour and saute in fat until brown.

Remove the meat from the pan, add flour to the fat, stir well, and brown thoroughly. Add boiling- water, stirring until a smooth sauce is formed. Return the meat to the pan, add bay-leaf, salt, pepper and slice of lemon from which the peel has been removed. Simmer for one hour with the pan covered, adding more water if it reduces too much. There should be only enough water to form a rich sauce. Remove the bay-leaf, and serve on a heated platter.