The dinner knife and fork, although imposing members of the silver-family, are not the most important members, for their use is limited to the main course of dinner.

The luncheon knife and fork offer the greatest variety of uses. They may be used "around the clock," for breakfast, for luncheon, for supper, and for certain courses at dinner, such as hors d'oeuvres, entree, fish, salad, for dishes served in a ramekin, for dishes served at informal entertaining, and for large and small sandwiches.

Smaller than the luncheon knife and fork are the tea knife and fork, with their increasingly-recognized number of uses.

Butter spreaders are necessary in your first list.

Later if you are not content to use the medium size knives and forks or the tea knives and forks for special courses like fish, entree, salad, and fruit, you may buy fish knives and forks.

entree knives and forks, and salad knives and forks (or, if you prefer, individual salad forks,) and fruit knives, or preferably, fruit knives and forks.