2 or 3 Tablespoons

2 or 3 Dinner Forks (for serving)

Medium size Carving Set (or steak set) 2 pieces (or large size carving set)

Butter Knife or Butter Pick

Gravy Ladle

Sugar Tongs

Pie or Tart Server, long and flat

Cold Meat Fork

Olive Spoon (pierced) or Olive Fork

Berry Spoon. A very convenient serving-spoon which can be used in serving berries, large vegetables, casserole dishes, and puddings

Jelly Server, for jelly, marmalade, honey, etc.

Preserve Spoon

Long Handled Fork and Spoon, for serving salad from a central bowl

Pickle Fork, usually two-tined

Pierced server, usually called a tomato-server, useful in serving sliced tomatoes, fritters, poached eggs, sliced pineapple, etc.

Salad Dressing Ladle, smaller than gravy ladle. Can also be used for serving whipped cream

Lemon Fork

Asparagus Server

Entree Server, wide and flat

Cake fork

Sardine Server

Ice Tongs

Ice Spoon

Sugar Spoon

Sugar Sifter for powdered sugar

Ice-cream Knife or Ice-cream Server

Cheese Server

Melon Knife

Grape Scissors