Brandied Peaches

1 peck peaches, skinned

Sugar to half their weight

1 quart brandy

Alternate in stone jar, layers of peaches with sugar until filled. Add brandy. Cover closely, using cheesecloth or unbleached muslin under the jar cover. Can be used after 1 week. Keep in cool place.

Casserole And Oven Cookery

The expression "en casserole" is sometimes misunderstood because the word "casserole" is used in two quite different ways by writers on domestic subjects. Properly speaking, a casserole is the coarse clay saucepan, so common in France, in which meats and vegetables are not only cooked but served on the table. In its other usage the word is applied to a case or mold of potato, rice or fried bread, inside of which is placed some preparation of meat or vegetables. The word in this case really signifies a border or croustade. Directions for using this second form of casserole will be found in the chapter on entrees.

Varieties Of Casseroles

Casseroles of different sizes, shapes and materials, are convenient additions to the cooking equipment, and should be chosen with consideration for the needs of the family. They come in many sizes from the individual ramekin up to one that will hold two chickens. They may be had in various shapes - oval and round, shallow and deep. They are made in a variety of materials - glass, vitrified china, earthenware, iron and aluminum - and in a color-range that allows one to choose according to personal preference - brown, yellow, green, blue and mixtures.

Chicken En Casserole

1 chicken

Butter, salad oil, or other fat 1 pint rich brown stock 12 button mushrooms

12 potato balls 1 carrot, sliced 6 small onions Salt, pepper, paprika

Wash the chicken and cut it up. Saute the pieces in a little fat until well browned on all sides. Place in a greased casserole, add brown stock, cover and cook in a slow to moderate oven ( 350° F.) for an hour.

When the chicken has been cooking for an hour, saute the carrot slices, the potato balls, the onions and the mushrooms in a little fat, stirring them lightly around until they are well browned. Put these with the chicken in the casserole, season with salt, pepper and paprika, add more salt if needed, cover and cook for three-fourths of an hour, then remove the cover and allow the chicken to brown before serving.

Pigeons En Casserole

Pigeons or squabs Bacon

3 tablespoons butter or other fat

1 Spanish onion

Veal broth or white stock

Vegetables, as desired


Clean and wash young pigeons and tie a strip of bacon around each one, or lard the breasts if preferred. Place the butter or other fat in a casserole, slice a mild Spanish onion over the fat, arrange the pigeons on the onion in the casserole, cover the casserole and set over a low heat with an asbestos mat under the casserole to protect it from direct heat and to insure slow cooking. Cook on top of the stove for fifteen minutes. Add enough veal broth or white stock to half cover the pigeons and set in the oven (350° F.) to cook until tender (2-2 1/2 hrs.). When nearly done, vegetables may be added. At serving-time thicken the liquor in the casserole by stirring into it flour mixed smooth in a little water, allowing one tablespoon of flour for each cup of liquid.