Fried Eggs

No. 1 - Heat cooking-fat in a frying-pan and slip in the eggs. Cook as many eggs at one time as will fill the pan without touching one another. Baste with some of the fat, to cook the yolk. Cook slowly, for if the fat becomes very hot the eggs will be tough and hard to digest but if the temperature of the fat is kept down, the egg may be made as delicate as if poached in water.

Eggs may be fried very successfully by covering the pan as soon as the eggs have been added, and then placing it in the oven or over a very slow fire, so that the eggs will cook very slowly.

No. 2 - With Brown Butter -

6 eggs

3 tablespoons butter

Salt and pepper 1 teaspoon vinegar

Saute the eggs in one tablespoon butter until set, season with salt and pepper, and place on a platter. Brown two tablespoons butter in the pan, add one teaspoon vinegar, and when hot, pour over the eggs.

Chicken Or Tongue Omelet

1 cup chicken or tongue

2 tablespoons fat

2 tablespoons flour

1 cup cream or milk Salt and pepper Plain omelet

Chop the meat until it is very fine. Make a sauce of the fat, flour, and milk or cream. Add salt and pepper and chopped meat. Make a plain omelet and spread the meat mixture on it just before folding.

Mushroom Omelet

1 cup mushrooms 1 tablespoon fat 1/2 cup milk or cream 1 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon pepper 1 tablespoon flour Plain omelet

Use fresh or canned mushrooms cut into bits. Melt the fat in a saucepan, add the mushrooms, the milk or cream, salt, pepper and flour which has been mixed to a paste with a little cold milk. Cook for five minutes, then set aside until the omelet is made. Spread the mushroom mixture over the omelet just before folding.

Mushroom And Tomato Omelet

3 cups tomatoes

1 cup mushrooms

2 tablespoons chopped onion 2 teaspoons sugar

Salt and pepper

6 eggs

1/2 cup milk

Strain the tomato, add the onion, sugar, salt and pepper and cook several minutes, then add the mushrooms, sliced very thin. Make a plain omelet of the eggs and milk. Pour part of the sauce over the omelet just before folding; fold; place on a hot plate; pour the remainder of the sauce around it and serve.

Oyster Omelet

12 oysters

1/2 tablespoon flour

2 tablespoons fat

1 cup cream

6 eggs

Salt and pepper

Chop the oysters. Make a sauce of the flour, fat, and cream. Add the well beaten eggs, season with salt and pepper, stir in the oysters and cook as a plain omelet.

Potato Omelet

4 cold boiled potatoes 3 tablespoons bacon fat Y2 tablespoon salt

1/8 teaspoon pepper

2 eggs

2 tablespoons milk

Cut the; potatoes into tiny cubes and cook in the bacon fat with the seasonings for five minutes. Beat the eggs slightly and add the milk, then pour over the potatoes. Cook slowly until set, fold, and turn on to a hot plate.