No. 1 - Heat salted water to the boiling-point in a frying-pan or other shallow pan. Break an egg into a saucer, then slip it gently into the water. Repeat until all the eggs are in. Remove the pan from the fire, cover and keep hot until the eggs are set to the desired degree. If the yolk is not entirely covered, dip the water over it carefully until it is coated with white. Remove with a skimmer or perforated ladle and slip on to a thin piece of buttered toast. Buttered muffin rings may be placed in the water and each egg slipped into a muffin ring for cooking, or an egg-poacher may be used.

Poached eggs are often placed in clear soup, one egg being prepared for each person to be served. They are served also on thin slices of boiled ham, on mounds of corned-beef hash, on Welsh rabbit or on cooked spinach.

No. 2 - Separate the yolk and white. Beat the white until stiff and put it in a glass ramekin. Drop the yolk in the center of the beaten white. Set the ramekin in hot water until the egg sets. Garnish with a bit of butter and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Serve in the ramekin.