For Broiling - Singe the bird, cut off the head and neck close to the breast and the legs at the knee joints. Beginning at the neck, make a cut through the back-bone for the entire length of the bird. Lay the bird open and remove the contents. Cut the tendons or break the joints. Cut out the rib-bones and remove the breast-bone, to facilitate carving.

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To Make Fillets - Remove the skin from the breast and with a sharp knife make an incision close to the breast-bone, beginning at the end next the wish-bone and cutting through the entire length. Following the bone closely, remove all the meat, cutting it away from the wing joint. This fillet may be separated into two parts, the upper or larger muscle making the "large fillet" and the smaller "fillet mignon."

To Cut Up a Fowl - Remove pin-feathers, singe the fowl, cut off the head, tendons and oil-bag.

Cut off the legs at the thigh joint. Separate the first joint or drumstick from the thigh.

Cut the wings from the body. Cut off the tips of the wings.

Separate the breast from the back by cutting clear down both sides of the bird below the ribs.

Remove the heart, liver, gizzard, entrails and fat all together. Remove windpipe and crop. Carefully remove the lungs and kidneys from the back-bone.

Cut back and breast into two pieces each, cutting crosswise. The back is sometimes further divided by cutting lengthwise. The wish-bone may be removed by inserting a knife under the tip and cutting downward, the knife following the bone.