Make a small incision below the breast-bone. Insert the hand and carefully loosen the internal organs, the entrails, the gizzard, the heart and the liver. Reserve the last three; these are known as the giblets. Care should be taken not to break the gall bladder, which is attached to the liver. The liquid content of the gall bladder is very bitter, and makes the flesh unpleasant to eat.

Remove and discard the lungs and the kidneys. Insert two fingers under the skin close to the neck and remove the windpipe and the crop. Pull back the skin of the neck and cut off the neck close to the body, leaving enough of the neck skin to fold down under the back if the bird is to be roasted. Remove the oil bag from the tail.

Clean the inside of the bird by running water through it and wipe the outside with a damp cloth.

To Stuff Poultry or Game - Fill the opening at the neck end with sufficient stuffing to make the bird look plump. Put the remaining stuffing in the body. If the body is full, sew up the opening; if not full, bring the skin together with a skewer. Do not fill the cavity too full. Allowance must be made for swelling of the stuffing especially when the stuffing is made with cracker-crumbs.

To Truss Poultry or Game for Roasting - Clean, dress and stuff. Tie a piece of twine to the end of the neck-skin and pull the neck-skin over the back. Slip the ends of the wings over the back and press the wings close to the body. Press the thighs close to the body, draw the ends of the twine back on each side and up over the thighs. Cross the twine between the legs, and tie it down under the tail.

If the poultry or game has little fat it should be larded with thin strips of salt pork or bacon laid across the breast. To prevent the burning of the legs, wind them with strips of cloth which have been dipped in melted fat.