Garnishes often used with roasts of beef, lamb or mutton are browned potatoes, croquettes of potatoes or rice, mashed potato cups filled with green peas or diced vegetables, slices of carrot, parsnip or turnip sauted or fried in deep fat, or boiled onions and sprays of parsley or cress.

Roast pork may be garnished with any of the above or with baked apple or sauted apple rings filled with jelly.

Fried bananas make a suitable garnish for roast of mutton.

Chops and steaks may be served with a simple garnish of parsley or cress and a slice of lemon or in a border of French fried potatoes, Saratoga chips or lattice potatoes.

Creamed meat dishes may be served with triangles or rounds of toast, in borders of rice or mashed potato, in croustades of bread, in timbale cases or patty shells or in cups of rice or mashed potato.

Sausage, meat balls or chops are attractive arranged about a mound of rice, mashed potato, macaroni or spinach.

Roast or fried chicken may be served in a border of celery or of fried oysters or with a simple garnish of parsley or cress.

Roast duck is attractive with endive and slices of orange and olives or with rice cups filled with currant jelly; roast goose with broiled sausage, gooseberry sauce, apple or barberry jelly or cooked rings of apple; roast quail with squares of fried mush and cubes of currant jelly.

Fish steaks, broiled fish or baked fish are usually garnished with slices of lemon and parsley or cress. Slices of hard-cooked eggs are often used as a garnish for fish. Fat fish such as salmon may be garnished with slices of cucumber or of tomato or whole tomatoes stuffed. Fish may also be garnished with potatoes, peas, onions or tomato in any form.

Other garnishes that may be used are celery curls, olives, radishes, mushroom caps, small green pickles, strips of green pepper or pimiento.