One Loaf of Yeast Bread can be made at a time, and quickly, if the proportion of yeast is increased.

Any Baking Powder Mixture can be mixed in the desired quantity, and almost any kind of loaf can be made with it - white, whole wheat, graham, oatmeal, bran, nut, raisin, etc. Baked in a small pan, these loaves will be used up before they are dry.

Biscuits and Muffins are the ideal home made bread for the small family.

Pancakes and Waffles are always possible, and may be served as breakfast or luncheon breads, as accompaniments to meat or chicken, or as a dessert, with fruit, honey, maple sirup or a sauce. With a table griddle or iron they can be cooked in the dining-room and served piping hot.


A Layer or Loaf Cake which can be consumed in one or two meals can be baked in small pans. Half of an average recipe will make two of these small layers as well as several cup cakes or a sheet which can be cut into squares and frosted or not as desired.

If Rolled Cookies Are Too Much Trouble, use any recipe for drop cookies. These can be flattened out with a knife and made as thin as you wish.


These offer little difficulty, since most of them come in individual portions. If you feel impelled to buy the large fruits, such as watermelon, honeydew and casaba melons, and pineapple, serve them in different ways so that they do not become tiresome before they are eaten up. From the pineapple make a fruit cup, a salad, an open tart, frosting for cake or a delicious sherbet or ice-cream. After the first slices of melon have been used, cut balls and allow them to stand in fruit juice. Serve, chilled, as a fruit cup. Watermelon can be used for a cooling sherbet or frappe and the other melons make interesting fruit salads.


These should not be forgotten in planning meals for two. Chestnuts, for example, make a delicious vegetable with meat when boiled and buttered or creamed. Chestnut puree with sweetened whipped cream is an unusual and delicious dessert. Blanched walnuts are particularly nice in making many dishes and can be roasted with a little oil or butter and served hot and crisp with meat.

Types Of Recipes Especially Suitable For Two



Broiled meats and fish

Shell fish




Creamed, scalloped and au gratin dishes Cheese recipes Egg dishes Mushrooms in all ways



Substantial sandwiches

Vegetables of all kinds

Quick breads

Fruit desserts

Gelatin and cream desserts

Cookies, gingerbread and small cakes

Tarts and turnovers

Recipes suggested in the chapter Cooking at the Table

Cooking At The Table

The small table cookers of various kinds - grills, chafing-dishes, waffle irons, muffin irons, pancake griddles, toasters and coffee percolators - make informal entertaining a pleasure to the hostess as well as to the guests.

Meals cooked at the table must of course be simple. It is usually wise to confine a supper to one hot dish, with such accessories as bread and butter, toast, crackers or cold sandwiches, a hot drink or a cold drink or both. If something more elaborate is desirable, the meal may begin with a fruit cocktail or a simple salad and end with a dessert that is easily served. Relishes, such as celery and olives, are easily provided.