Mixed Fruit Cocktail

6 large oranges

1 banana

2 slices pineapple

Juice of 1 lemon Sugar

Slice off the tops of the oranges and scoop out the inside, being careful not to break the inside white skin of the orange-peel. Put the orange cups into a bowl of ice-water. Cut in small pieces the banana and pineapple, mix these with the orange pulp cut in small pieces, add the lemon-juice, sweeten to taste, and fill the orange shells. Set each one in a small bowl, filled with crushed ice.

The mixed fruit pulp that remains after the orange skins have been filled may be kept in the refrigerator and served as sauce with ice-cream or used in any other way that circumstances suggest.

Mixed Fruit Cocktail 39Mixed Fruit Cocktail 40

Home Made And Ready To Use Soups

Not so long ago, all soups were made at home, and the stock pot was kept on the stove day in and day out; but with the gradual change from coal to gas and electricity as fuels, and with the perfecting of modern commercial canning and condensing methods, the long slow process of stock making has become less common in home kitchens.

However, in soup many valuable food materials that would otherwise be thrown out may be saved for the nourishment of the family, and some knowledge of the principles of soup making is worth while for every housekeeper. A home made soup which is lacking in strength or flavor may be easily improved by the addition of a can of soup or some of the various meat extracts obtainable.

For the small family, the canned soups are almost indispensable, and in the making of sauces and gravies, where only a small amount of stock is required, a can of soup supplies the required foundation at a minimum of trouble and expense.

Variations Of Consomme

Consomme Princesse - Consomme served with shreds or small dice of cooked chicken and green peas.

Consomme a la Royale - Consomme served with tiny blocks of royal custard.

Consomme Julienne or Julienne Soup - Consomme served with carrot, onions, turnips and celery cut into shreds about as thick as a match.

The vegetables should be boiled in clear water before being added to the consomme.

Unthickened Soups

Soups suitable for serving as the first course of a meal with a substantial main course are found in this group. Any of the variations of soup stock or consomme may be used for this purpose. The following recipes give directions for other soups of this variety.

Chicken Or Turkey Bone Soup

Never discard the bones of turkey or chicken as they always will make a delicious soup. Scrape the meat from the bones, break the bones, pack in a kettle, and cover with cold water, adding a small onion. Cover closely and simmer very gently for three hours. Strain and cool. One-half hour before it is to be served, return to the fire and for every quart of stock add one cup of the cold meat, season and keep hot till needed. This soup may be greatly improved by adding to it, three minutes before serving, ten oysters to each quart of soup.